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Welcome to the Rockin' N J Kennels in Trenton, TX. My sons, Allen, Jerry and I (Nancy) would like to introduce you to our kennels and some special members of our family.

Our love of shepherds goes back some 30 years.  Jerry and Allen saved $400 to buy their first German Shepherd and named him Hans after their great grandfather.  This wonderful dog instilled the love of German shepherds into our hearts.

We currently have two (2) boys, Lido (Bruno) Topolovnicki and Ando (Hans) Topolovnicki. We imported both from Serbia when they were four months old.

We have five (5) girls, Tanja, Emma, Zena, Zigrid and Bridgette, who are all sisters.  They have been in our family since they were six weeks old.  We also have Heidi and recently added Nichole Vom Fleischerheim II and Jenny Vom Fleischerheim.  They are a great addition to our kennels.

Huskies have been a part of our family for the past 12 years.  We currently have Casper (Avalanche’s Gray Ghost) and Rascal (Avalanche’s Pirate of the Caribbean) as our sires.  Dakota (Troika’s Dakota) is now retired to a life of leisure with Jerry and his family.  At this time, we have Jasmine (Harley’s Midnight Shadow) as our dam. 
Temperament is our first and foremost goal.  These girls and guys have it all.  Please take a look inside and see their pedigrees, along with our many pictures and testimonials, and I think you will agree.

If you would like a visit to our kennel, please give us a call or email and set up a time to come by and meet our crew. Thanks for visiting.


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