BrunoBrunoHello Nancy - I hope you are great. Sorry that it took so long, but finally here are some pictures from Bruno since he was 8 weeks old until he was 6 months old. We love him so much. Great dog, smart, pretty good looking, etc. What else can I say about him - we are just so happy to have Bruno in our family. Thank you, Nancy!
The Molinas

NOTE: These pictures (left and right) are from the The Molina family and are of Bruno, a pup from Maxim and Esme.

Bruno Owned by Daniel Molina. Click on image to see larger view.

Just wanted to share a quick note to express our sincere gratitude for selling us one of the best puppies we have EVER had!!  Rocky, our boy, is one of the BEST Dogs we have EVER had. Getting him was the BEST thing we have ever done, and we love him so very much – he’s one special boy!  He is noble, playful, serious, gentle, fierce (when needed), loving and tolerant and ... well - we are just glad he lets us live with him. We believe that you're breeding skill and socialization with him as a very young puppy had EVERYTHING to do with his personality. He is generous and we love him the most. 

He sleeps beside our bed every night and follows my husband on most all trips outside the house.  (He ESPECIALLY loves to go 'BYE-BYE' in the car!!)  He weighs 85+ lbs. He is an absolutely GORGEOUS dog. 

He became a proud father - not just once, but TWICE and created gorgeous offspring too!  We kept one male - who ended up being just like his dad, and one female (the picture shows the entire family).  Rocky is a great Dad . . . he stayed mostly out of the way when the puppies were real small but has enjoyed romping around with them as they've aged.

You've always been there for us Nancy, whenever we've had a question - or just to tell you about how Rocky was doing . . . and we can't thank you enough.  All in all, Nancy, you should be SO PROUD. He is a fine animal, in anybody's book, temperament and looks. Thank you SO much!!
Chris and Donna Yednock

NOTE FROM NANCY: Please note, photo taken by Donna while watching Chris come up the driveway.  Rocky is last one on right and his son is first one on left.  What a gorgeous family and awesome picture.  Thank you Donna, for sharing.

Marshal - 6 months old and we are still totally in love with this dog. He is brilliant, loyal and marvelously kind! The best dog we've ever had in the family. If I can convince my husband, we will be back soon for another one! Thank you again for providing our family with the best of the breed! 

Jessica and Family
Corpus Christi


My husband and I took home one of Hans and Emma's pups in 2009 and I thought you might appreciate seeing her 3 years later.  Chloe is the best dog either of us has ever had and we just adore her.  People are always telling us how beautiful she is, she passes every temperament test she's ever taken (and that's quite a few!  we love taking her to day camp settings), she's amazingly athletic, and so, so smart.  Just thought you might appreciate hearing that you bred a wonderful dog.  Have a wonderful day.

Holly Hoey
I can’t believe Wolfie is going to be 2 in September. She’s such an awesome dog, and the random compliments we receive at the dog park, PetsMart, or just walking her in the neighborhood seem to never end.
I also gave your name to a few other folks at the dog park who mentioned an interest in GSDs. Hopefully, you’ll hear from them, if they were serious. I only mention you to people who seem like ‘good’ owners. I did see Brandon & Jennifer’s girl, Luna, she’s all grown up now too, and almost as pretty as Wolfie, but I’m slightly biased.

Corey Myers & Family
Coppell, TX " 
Sadie is the most lovable companion that I could have ever asked for.  She is great with the cats and Mary has truly found her playmate.  I cannot thank you enough for helping us add an amazing dog to our family.  I havent had one in 20 years, but I now know what I have been missing.  She is awesome on a leash and loves water (and water hoses).  She is so well tempered and easy to train.  Most days I cannot wait to get home and spend time teaching her new things.   Again Thank you for everything.

Hi there Nancy,

I thought I would send you some pictures and let you know that Bailee is wonderful!! She weighed 70 pounds a couple of weeks ago at her last vet appointment and she is doing great. Thanks again for such an amazing addition to our family!!

The McMinn Family

Hi Nancy,

This is Josh from Texarkana. This is a recent picture of "Barrett" in the back seat of my patrol car. He loves going for rides. Everyone who sees him always complements on how pretty of a shepherd he is. He is almost 29 weeks and is still growing!

CosmoDear Nancy,

Thank you for the best dog we have ever had! My two boys have named that little 14 week old male Cosmo Claxton. He is incredibly smart, has an excellent temperment and is complimented every day when we walk. It feels as though he has been a part of our family for longer than 3 weeks! I hardly remember our home without him!! The day after he arrived I worked on leash training him so that I could take him on adventures. It took a whole 20 minutes and you'd think he's been in obedience school for weeks! He heels, stops and sits at every corner, and loves all the praise!! He loves to fetch, play tug-o-war, chase, play hide and go-seek, and he is beginning to love the pool! He walks out on the beach entry to my husband, allows him to hold him like a baby and when they get out about 6 feet from the beach, he lets him go to learn how to get out by the stairs. He LOVES doing that and he gets out so well!

Nancy, every time we pass someone they always say what a great looking German Shepherd he is and then they ask where we got him. My vet was very curious, too! He kept telling me what a fine dog we have and what great health he is in. He is "bright-eyed, happy and very well tempered."

I have attached only a few of the hundreds of photos we've taken of Cosmo. We will also keep you informed as he continues to grow and travel with us.

Again, thank you for our best friend and child!!

Doreen Krebs

Hey Nancy,

Just wanted to say again what a good baby I have. He is beyond gorgeous and is so hilarious. We will never need to buy a flyswatter in this house. He runs around the yard all day snapping at flies and then comes in at night and crashes on the couch. I just love him!

Hope you are doing great,

Hey Nancy!!

Cash is amazing!! I love him so much. The other dogs are still adjusting to his bruntness...LOL. He walks/runs great on a leash, he is wonderfully crate trained and already sits and stays. He is soooo smart. His ears are huge and stand up so pretty. He weighs about 30 pounds now and has long legs like his daddy. He is just a big giant lap baby. We just bought him a big dog bed and he loves it!! Thanks so much.

Have a great weekend!

Hi Nancy,

I just wanted to send you a picture of Gibbs. He is a great pup and fits in with our family very well, especially my son Konnor. I can tell that he was raised well and with alot of love. Thank you for having such great GSD's.

Talk to you soon,

Hello Nancy,

This email has been a long time in the making. I am writing to let you know that Grim celebrated his first birthday recently and is doing wonderfully! When I figure out how my phone camera works I will be sending you pictures of him with his brood. My youngest (she will be two in October) is his preferred favorite. He follows her around lovingly awaiting for her to drop snacks! Grim is the most wonderful dog we have ever had and I am officially a German Shepherd fan from here on out. This is the only breed we will ever have again.

My husband, who claims to be a cat person, actually cooks for him. Once a month he'll buy chicken hearts, boil them and soup up his food with the hearts and broth. (Cat person, my ass!) He is extremely tolerant of all children, not just ours, and gets the most adorable expression on his face when he watches tv. Yeah, he likes tv. (Especially tv with barking dogs...)

As I write this he is sleeping on my bed next to me.

Thank you, Nancy, for your responsible breeding which has allowed us to find a family pet that is in one word: soulful.

Yours sincerely,
The Debrock Family

Hi Nancy!

She is doing wonderfully! We named her Pilot…from the novel Jane Eyre – a favorite of mine! She is getting huge and I love it – the bigger the better for me! Pilot has private training classes every week, and she is an exceptionally smart dog – her trainer had to re-write her program because she’s been progressing so quickly! She learned to sit, lay down, drop, leave it, and stay all in one session!!!! She has a wonderful disposition and the kids think she is the “best dog ever” – she plays fetch with them for hours in the yard – hooray for me, they all get tired! Her treat for the week is her car ride – Beau has a truck that we take her out in – she sits in the seat between us and thinks she’s in heaven for the duration! I promise to send updated pictures soon! Thank you for our wonderful gift – she’s everything we ever wanted and so much more!

Be in touch soon,
Kim and Beau

Hi Nancy,

Here's a new picture of Magnum. He is now 8 months old. He is standing on the bank of the White River in the beautiful Ozark National Forest near Mountain View, Arkansas. He loved playing in the water. He didn't catch any trout, though. He's doing great! He's a wonderful family dog for us and our 3 children.

Take care.
Susan and Ryan


I'm not sure if I said so before, but I really appreciate everything you did in the weeks leading up to us actually receiving him. You answered all my questions quickly and sent me pedigrees and documentation that I didn't even think to ask for. You made the process EASY and most importantly you made me feel comfortable doing business with you, and I really appreciate it. Since we got Blau I've heard some horror stories about immediate problems that people had with their new GSDs that were obviously attributed to bad breeding. Blau is gorgeous and has a great personality to match. Thank you so much. The whole experience was enjoyable and I will definitely be a return customer.


Hi Nancy,

Good to hear from you. We named our dog Magnum and he is doing great. We have been taking him to a dog trainer out of Little Rock and he is doing amazing. His trainer said he was impressed with his work. We work on his obedience training everyday and he gets plenty of exercise. He has amazing ball drive and is a wonderful addition to our family. He is by far the smartest dog we have ever owned. When we take him to town with us, we always get compliments on how beautiful he is. He and Ryan are inseperable. We are debating about whether to get him neutered or not. His trainer is a founding member of the Arkansas Schutzhund Club and asked us if we were getting him titled. We recently started a little tracking work. I am sending a couple of pictures that I took this morning. Let me know what you think.

Talk to you soon.

Hi Nancy!!

Hope all is well with you and the family and pups. Wanted to say Thank you so very much for our baby. As you may remember, we named him Dakota Blaz Valentino. He is HUGE. 6 months old...and people always ask (how old is he)--to which when we say only 6 months we get the "NO WAY" comments back... Everyone we see says he is absolutely a stunning dog and that he's the best lines they have ever seen....so THANK YOU!!!!!! We couldn't agree more. He is marvelous!  Dakota will start training with a Military Working Dog Trainer soon :) Whenever he sees flies or anything come into the house, he runs after them pouncing around biting at the air trying to catch them. He LOVES to play outside in his swimming pool (i attached a picture of him in it from last month....hope you enjoy) I have also attached a few pictures we took today for him being 6 months old :) I hope you enjoy them. Michael and I are so thankful we found you and your sons. You have the BEST German Shepherds we have EVER seen....and they produce the BEST pups I have ever had....so THANK YOU!!! Thanks again for the Amazing pup, and thanks so much for all your help and continued support throughout the time of waiting for Dakota to come home.
Thanks again!!!

Jodi & Michael Satterfield

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